BAKO GmbH - Your international trading company


BAKO is an international trading company for meat, meat products and dairy products.

We are your reliable and flexible partner for professional import and export of high-quality food products. Based in Germany, we operate worldwide, offering a wide range of beef and pork, as well as a large variety of dairy products.

Our services are directed to the manufacturing and meat processing industry, food industry, wholesalers and retailers, as well as the catering industry.

The satisfaction of our customers is our main goal. To guarantee a wide range of products, high availability and first-class service, we are continuously working on expanding our global network.

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Whether frozen or chilled – BAKO is a trader of best quality pork. With an extensive range of products and a network of selected suppliers, we can also meet special requirements. Careful selection of goods, proper storage and well-conceived logistics make our products an ideal basis for further processing and high-quality end products.

Our assortment of classic cuts, but especially our wide range of byproducts such as bones, ribs, feet, snouts, ears, brain or offal, makes us an excellent partner for the wholesale trade and the meat processing industry.


Offering a huge variety of fresh and frozen meat products, BAKO can also convince its customers in the beef sector. The products range from entire bodies to all cuts and pieces for the processing industry, as well as to the finest premium pieces, with or without bones. We also supply many byproducts such as offal or bones.

The diversity of our suppliers allows for high flexibility and individuality. All slaughterhouses and cutting plants, from which we purchase our products, are certified according to international standards and fulfill the highest hygienic demands. All beef products are certified to meet halal requirements. Through regular checks we guarantee our customers a consistently high quality.


Frische, Qualität und Geschmack zeichnen wertvolle Milchprodukte aus. Eine gründliche Qualitätskontrolle auf allen Stufen der Lieferkette sorgt dafür, dass wir unseren Kunden stets hochwertige Produkte anbieten können.

Von der Massenware bis hin zur Delikatesse überzeugt unser Sortiment an Milch- und Molkereiprodukten durch seine Vielseitigkeit an Geschmäckern, Verarbeitungsarten, Formen und Texturen. Ob Milch, Butter, Käse, Quark oder Pulver-Ware – wir sorgen dafür, dass unsere Kunden genau das Produkt erhalten, das sie gesucht haben.